In I AM LEGION, you must reclaim your Bastion. This city optimized for survival fell in the hands of an unknown enemy, with only one sector of the city remaining free.

You must take over the enemy’s headquarters to retake the city divided into sectors. You can choose to take them all back or take a specific route to reach the targeted sector.

Several parameters can guide your choice:

– The status of your robot fleet

– The bonus buildings that each sector owns

– The levels of difficulty


Your fleet

The state of your fleet will guide you in your conquest. Indeed, in I AM LEGION, missions appear on enemy sectors adjacent to the sectors you control.

The further you advance in your conquest, the more your front line expands as many enemy sectors become adjacent to yours.

Extending your front line when your fleet is reduced or severely damaged can put you in a very complex situation.

However, to fully protect a sector, it must be far from enemy sectors. Therefore, progressing in your protects the real sectors.


Bonus buildings

Each sector has a special building that gives you powerful bonuses. To get these bonuses, you must own the area and therefore conquer it. It is the main vector of choice during your conquest.


The level of difficulty

The more you progress in the Bastion, the more difficult the level of difficulty increases. Each sector line has a higher difficulty than the previous line. Going on to conquer new sectors can be very complicated if you don’t have the right technology.


Zoom on the city map in the management game I AM LEGION


In addition, certain parameters can also influence your conquest such as the number of citizens who survived. Saving citizens immediately protects you in the event of an adversary’s recovery of the sector, but it consumes a lot of time and resources.

You can therefore choose to have a brutal and disorderly conquest or take your time and strengthen your own sectors and your own achievements before progressing.

To fully understand the mechanics of conquest and loss of sectors, we will discuss the missions in the next post!

– AurĂ©lien