Last blog talked about the conquest of the Bastion from a macro point of view.

To conquer a sector, it is necessary to increase its level of control by carrying out attack type missions. What is a mission in I AM LEGION?

A mission consists of several components:

  • Type: single or double –  that gives the nature of the objectives
  • Difficulty level
  • Architecture
  • Targets

It is the analysis of all these elements that allows you to know which robots to send and especially how to program them.


The type of mission and its difficulty


In the screenshot we can see that the mission is named Attack Salvage 01.

This provides us with three pieces of information: it is a dual mission whose main objective is the attack; the secondary objective is the collection of resources. In addition, the mission name includes a number (eg. 01) which indicates the level of difficulty of the mission.

  • Attack-type missions are primarily eliminating one or more targets to achieve the objective. The reward for this type of mission is a higher level of control over the area where the mission is located.
  • Salvage-type missions allow you to recover resources to repair or build your robots and launch research. Be careful: some enemies have the ability to collect these resources, which prevents you from doing so.

The subtlety of this mission is that it is twofold. It ends as soon as the main objective is completed; in this case it is the attack. If the player is interested in the secondary objective and decides to complete it, he must do it before the main objective.

In this very simple early game mission, the player will just have to program his attacking robots to act only after the resources are collected.


Architecture and targets


The mission map is of crucial importance in I AM LEGION. It allows you to estimate distances and think about how to manage your opponents or threats.

The basic shots do not pass through the buildings. Some robot parts, however, have this ability.

Programming has an option to select any objects you want to target. They are divided into the following categories:

  • Enemy: the game offers in its EA version 18 types of enemies.
  • Threat: Threats are elements of the map that the player must overcome or he risks not being able to complete the mission. For example, cameras scanning your robots and enemies get the ability to shoot through buildings at scanned targets.
  • Point of interest: These are the significant places on the map. Such could be the highgrounds. Highgrounds are roofs of buildings that your flying or jumping robots can reach. On a highground, your range is increased by 25%. Each point of interest offers powerful bonuses if used correctly.

All this data forms a puzzle, a pattern that you must analyze to find the most efficient solution possible with the assets you have in hand.

The next topic we will talk about is quite naturally – the programming!

See you soon!

– Aurélien