Various missions that appear in the city’s sectors have to be completed in order to reclaim the Bastion. In a future post, I will go into more detail about the functioning of the city and its districts.

In this challenge, the construction of your robots is essential. Indeed, the shape and equipment of your robot will determine its characteristics, its programming possibilities and its actions on mission.

Let’s review the important characteristics of your robots!



The robot’s armor represents its physical integrity, so if the armor falls to zero the robot is destroyed. If there is damage inflicted on the robot, it loses parts that need to be repaired. Finishing missions with as little damage as possible is a major challenge.

Robot parts are classified into three main categories of weight and tack. Heavy parts provide a lot of tack but have a huge impact on the robot’s weight.



The weight of a robot and especially its ability to support a given weight, influences its speed of movement and acts as a construction constraint. Impossible to equip the heaviest torso on thin legs made for running and jumping over buildings.

The speed of a robot directly impacts its travel speed during missions. This is a subject we will explore in a future post.



Every part of the robot consumes energy. Having a good energy ratio allows you to unlock bonuses and improvements for your robot. A construction must always balance the weight and energy consumption of the robot.



We will have an entire post dedicated to weapons as it is a vast and extremely important subject. Proper management of range, damage and weapon capabilities will be vital to complete missions with as little damage as possible.



Robot capabilities will be your most powerful tool. Many robot parts have them and you will need to do research and reverse engineering on enemies to unlock new robot parts with capabilities.

Stealing, destroying buildings, scanning the opponent is just the beginning of the celebrations!


In addition to these basic parameters, the construction scheme can unlock additional bonuses.



Equipping the same weapon twice provides significant bonuses in terms of fire rate and damage. But it specializes your robot to counter a single type of threat.



If your construction saves a lot of energy compared to the weight of your robot, you can switch to over-revving. Your robot’s speed increases a notch and it moves much faster during missions.


When you build your robot, you must answer several questions:

– What is my need?

– How many resources does it cost me?

– How much do I optimize my robot?

In IAL you can create super-powerful robots, crushing any opposition on the other side. But such a robot would require all your resources and you would only be strong on one mission. When your front line is expanding and you have about ten simultaneous missions to complete, it doesn’t seem the most relevant.

Proper use of construction and management of your fleet not related to your needs and resources are the keys to victory.

Our next post will go into more detail on the different robot parts and their respective specialties.

– AurĂ©lien