I AM LEGION is a management game, a system game. The game system is horizontal, i.e. each part of the system responds to the other elements in it.

All the parts of the system are integrated which makes a deep and complex system out of simple components.

In I AM LEGION, you manage your robot fleet – it goes through a multitude of choices through the system. You must allocate the right robots to the right missions, oversee the rotation of your fleet since a robot on mission is no longer available for a while, manage your resources for the construction and repair of your robots, overlook your research to get new robot parts and command which sector you want to conquer or protect.

The system is interesting and attractive but it poses two important problems:

– How does the player understand the mechanic of the system?

– How does the interface distribute the right level of information necessary for players?

These two points have been the subject of our last two weeks in a rather intense way.

We are working on a tutorial that takes the player by the hand to make him understand all the systems. This kind of tutorial is the most complicated in terms of development and time because you have to solve a lot of problems related to controlling the rhythm of the game, but it offers a precise and clear guidance.


Tutorial currently in development for the upcoming management game I AM LEGION


The second subject is probably the most complex point in the production of I AM LEGION. The user interface must not only be beautiful and clear at first glance, but it must be functional in terms of gameplay. This forces you to make compromises to find the optimal combination. The distribution of information and its placement is a subject on which we constantly exchange and do a lot of playtesting.

As these two subjects necessarily hold the answers for one another, we are really looking forward to the tutorial being completed so that we can intensify our playtests and find the right answers!

– AurĂ©lien